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Applying Relationships Science (ApReSCI) ESRC Seminar Series

The Applying Relationships Science ESRC seminar series ran from 2014-2017.

Grant number: ES/L001365/1

Grant holders were: Dr Abigail Millings (PI), Dr Judi Walsh, Dr Kathy Carnelley, Dr Kate Cavanagh, Dr Angela Rowe.

This seminar series was designed to facilitate dialogue and knowledge exchange and was open to academics, industry, and charitable organisations with an interest in the application of relationships science to interventions that utilise technological advances for improved health and wellbeing. 

Events were:

Seminar 1: University of Sheffield: 'What can Relationships Science offer Contemporary Intervention?'

Seminar 2: University of Southampton: 'Contemporary Interventions for Relationships'

Seminar 3: University of Sussex: 'Optimising Engagement with Internet Interventions'

Seminar 4: University of East Anglia: 'Technology for Young People's Wellbeing'

Seminar 5: University of Bristol: 'Mental Health and Attachment Processes in Adolescents and Young Adults'

Seminar 6: University of Sheffield: 'Putting the 'Social' into Interventions: Networks, Norms, and Relationships'

Seminar 7: The Cotswolds: 'Towards a Better Understanding of Adult Attachment Relationships and Implications for Wellbeing'

Seminar 8: University of Bristol: 'Wider Applications of Attachment Theory in Contemporary Interventions' 

Seminar 9: University of Sussex: 'Applying Relationship Science to Workplace Interventions'


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