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Recent Publications

For a copy of any of the papers below please contact the lead author or the relevant UKAN member.

In Press

Vowels, L. M., Vowels, M. J., Carnelley, K. B., & Kumashiro, M.  (in press).  A machine learning approach to predicting perceived partner support from relational and individual variables. Social Psychological and Personality Science,  

Li, D., Carnelley, K. B., & Rowe, A. C.  (in press).  Insecure attachment orientation in adults and children and negative attribution bias: A meta-analysis. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,  

Davis, A. M. B., & Carnelley, K. B.  (in press).  Attachment: The what, the why, and the long-term effects.  Frontiers for Young Minds, 



Carnelley, K. B., Stanton, S., Vowels, L. M., Hart, C. M., & Millings, A. (2023).  Perceived partner phubbing predicts lower relationship quality but partners’ enacted phubbing does not. Computers and Human Behavior, 147, 107860.  


Vowels, L. M., Vowels, M. J., Carnelley, K. B., Millings, A., & Gibson-Miller, J. (2023).  Toward a causal link between attachment styles and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. British Journal of Clinical Psychology

Gold, E. R., Carnelley, K. B., & Rowe, A. C. (2023). Attachment security priming:  Testing a new intervention for children and young people with social, emotional, and mental health difficulties. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 85, 101511. 


Evans, N. D., Juhl, J., Hepper, E. G., Wildschut, T., Sedikides, C., & Fetterman, A. K. (2022). Romantic nostalgia as a resource for healthy relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 39(7), 2181-2206.

Hepper, E. G., Ellett, L., Kerley, D., & Kingston, J. L. (2022). Are they out to get me? Individual differences in nonclinical paranoia as a function of narcissism and defensive self-protection. Journal of Personality, 90(5), 727-747.

Cuyvers, B., Verhees, M. W., Van IJzendoorn, M. H., Bakermans-Kranenburg, M. J., Rowe, A. C., Ceulemans, E., & Bosmans, G. (2022). The Effect of Attachment Priming on State Attachment Security in Middle Childhood: The Moderating Roles of Trait Attachment and State Attachment Volatility. The Journal of Early Adolescence, 02724316221099871.

Li, D., Carnelley, K. B., & Rowe, A. C. (2022). Insecure Attachment Orientation in Adults and Children and Negative Attribution Bias: A Meta-Analysis. , 01461672221117690.

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Thomas, T. T., Carnelley, K. B., & Hart, C. M.  (2022). Phubbing in romantic relationships and retaliation: A daily diary study.  Computers in Human Behavior, 137, 107398. 

Vowels, L. M., Carnelley, K. B., Kumashiro, M., & Rowe, A. C. (2022).  The impact of non-harmonious goals on partner support and taking on opportunities.  Current Psychology,

Sood, M., Newman-Taylor, K. & Carnelley, K. B.  (2022).  Do emotion regulation strategies mediate the attachment-paranoia association?: An experimental study of repeated attachment imagery priming and whether this buffers against social stress. Psychology and Psychotherapy:  Theory, Research and Practice, 95(3), 781-806.   

Randall, A., K., . . . .  Carnelley, K. B., . . . Hart, C. M., . . . . .  Zemp, M.  (2022).  Coping with global uncertainty: Perceptions of COVID-19 psychological distress, relationship quality, and dyadic coping for romantic partners across 27 Countries.  Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 39(1), 3-33.

Vowels, L.M., Carnelley, K.B., & Stanton, S.C.E. (2022). Attachment anxiety predicts worse mental health outcomes during COVID-19: Evidence from two longitudinal studies. Personality and Individual Differences, 185, 111256.

Vowels, L. M.., Francois-Walcott, R. R. R., Carnelley, K. B., & Checksfield, E. L.  (2022). Adapting to change: How has COVID-19 affected people’s work and personal goals? PLOS One, 17(2), e0262195.

Sood, M., Carnelley, K. B., & Newman-Taylor, K. (2022).  How does insecure attachment lead to paranoia? A systematic critical review of cognitive, affective, and behavioural mechanisms. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 61(3), 781-815. DOI: 10.1111/bjc.12361

Vowels, L M.., & Carnelley, K. B.  (2022).  Partner support and goal outcomes: A multilevel meta-analysis and a methodological critique. European Journal of Social Psychology, 52(4), 679-694.

Wilkinson, L.L., Rowe, A.C., Douglas, T., Thirkettle, M., & Nolan, L. J. (2022). Adult attachment anxiety is associated with night eating syndrome in UK and UK-based samples: Two cross-sectional studies. Appetite, 172, 105968.


Vowels, L. M.., Carnelley, K. B., & Francois-Walcott, R. R. R.  (2021). Partner support and goal outcomes during COVID-19: A mixed methods study.  European Journal of Social Psychology, 51(2), 393-408 , 

Millings, A., Abu-Akel, A., Mattar, T., & Rowe, A. (2021) Constraints to liberty of movement and attachment styles significantly account for well-being in three Palestinian samples. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 12(1), 1968139.

Eisenbarth, H., Hart, C. M., Zechmeister, J., Kudielka, B. M., & Wust, S. (2021). The differential contribution of boldness, meanness, and disinhibition in explaining externalizing and internalizing symptoms. Current Psychology. 

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Newman-Taylor, K., Sood, M., Rowe, A. C., & Carnelley, K. B.  (2021).  The impact of repeated attachment priming on paranoia, mood and behavioural intentions in an analogue sample. Brain Sciences, 

Vowels, L. M., Francois-Walcott, R. R. R., Perks, R., & Carnelley, K. B.  (2021).  “Be free together rather than confined together”: A qualitative exploration of how relationships changed in the early COVID-19 pandemic.  Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Vowels, L. M.., Carnelley, K. B., & Francois-Walcott, R. R. R.  (2021). Successful negotiation of goal conflict between romantic partners predicts better goal outcomes during COVID-19: A mixed methods study.  Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Sood, M., Carnelley, K. B., & Newman-Taylor, K., (2021). How does attachment imagery for paranoia work? Cognitive fusion and negative beliefs about self and others mediate the association between attachment imagery and paranoia and anxiety.  Psychology and Psychotherapy:  Theory, Research, and Practice, 94, 973 - 993.

Karl, A., Carnelley, K. B., Arikan, G., Baldwin, D., Heinrichs, M., & Stopa, L. (2021).  The effect of attachment security priming and oxytocin on physiological responses to trauma films and subsequent intrusions. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 141.

Stevenson, J., Millings, A., Emerson, L. M., Sirois, F., & Rowe, A. (2021) Adult Attachment and Mindfulness: Examining Directionality, Causality, and Theoretical Implications. Journal of Research in Personality DOI: 10.1016/j.jrp.2020.104043

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Hepper E. G., Wildschut, T., Sedikides, C., Robertson, S., & Routledge, C. (2021). Time capsule: Nostalgia shields psychological wellbeing from limited time horizons. Emotion, 21, 644-664. DOI: 10.1037/emo0000728

Vowels, L. M.., & Carnelley, K. B.  (2021). Attachment styles, negotiation of goal conflict, and perceived partner support during COVID-19. Personality and Individual Differences,171.


Satchell, L., Fido., D., Harper., C., Shaw, H., Davidson, B., Ellis, D, Hart, C.M., …. (2020). Development of an Offline-Friend Addiction Questionnaire (O-FAQ): Are most people really social addicts? Behaviour Research Methods, 53, 1097-1106. 

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Kumashiro, M., & Arriaga, X. B. (2020). Attachment security enhancement model: Bolstering attachment securing through close relationships. In B. A. Mattingly, K. P. McIntyre, & G. W. Lewandowski, Jr. (Eds.), Interpersonal Relationships and the Self-Concept (pp. 69-88). Springer.

Hunt, L. L., Kumashiro, M., & Arriaga, X. B. (2020). An interdependence analysis of enhancing attachment security. In L. V. Machia, C. R. Agnew, & X. B. Arriaga (Eds.), Interdependence, Interaction, and Close Relationships (pp. 95-119). Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 9781108480963 

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